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Airborne allergies are the most common type of allergies, affecting millions of adults and children. At his office in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Hariri offers comprehensive testing for aeroallergens to help guide treatment so patients can find much-needed relief.

Seasonal Allergies

Airborne allergies are caused by tiny particles that can easily float through the air, including dust, pollen, smoke, pollutants, mold spores and pet dander. Some of these particles are so tiny and lightweight, they can be carried for considerable distances. Others, such as mold and mildew, have a characteristic odor that can make it easier to determine the source of allergic reactions. One of the most common airborne allergens is pollen, which is responsible for many types of seasonal allergies also referred to as “hay fever.”

What symptoms are associated with aeroallergens?

Aeroallergens can cause different types of symptoms and different levels of severity in different people. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • coughing
  • itchy throat or “tickling” sensation in the throat or chest
  • sneezing
  • red, itchy or watery eyes
  • nasal congestion

Aeroallergens are also the primary triggers for people with asthma, an airway disease that causes the airways to become inflamed and constricted, making it difficult to breathe, resulting in wheezing or hissing when drawing air into the lungs and, usually, exhaling as well.

How are airborne allergies treated?

In addition to avoiding the allergen whenever possible, treatments for allergies caused by aeroallergens include:

  • antihistamines to reduce symptoms like itchy eyes and sneezing
  • nose sprays to reduce inflammation and swelling that can make it more difficult to breathe
  • decongestants which can also decrease nasal and sinus symptoms
  • immunotherapy to help the body develop a natural resistance to allergens so they no longer trigger an immune response

When the cause of your allergic reaction is unknown, Dr. Hariri can help identify the specific cause of your allergies by performing skin testing uses patches or needles. During your office visit, he'll discuss all the approaches for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


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