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Allergies in children can cause an array of symptoms. At his practice, Dr. Sherwin Hariri uses innovative diagnostic and treatment tools to help children in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area find relief. These symptoms can be attributed to airborne, skin, and food allergies.

Children's Allergies Q&A

What kinds of symptoms do allergic skin conditions cause in children?

Allergies can cause numerous symptoms which can range from very mild to quite severe and can vary from child to child. The most common symptoms can typically include:
  • hives or welts and itching
  • skin rashes
  • scaling or eczema, sometimes associated with food allergies
  • swelling
  • flaking, oozing, or weeping
When affected areas are scratched, which often happens with infants and small children, bleeding and infections can develop. In some instances, allergies, even those on the skin, can be accompanied by respiratory symptoms including coughing, sneezing, wheezing, asthma, and bronchitis. Additionally, in some cases of severely dry skin in infants and children symptoms can mimic those of allergies. Dr. Hariri can treat both effectively at his practice.

What are the most common causes of allergic skin conditions?

Many different triggers can cause allergic reactions including:
  • foods
  • medicines
  • cosmetics and body care products
  • soaps and shampoos
  • laundry detergents
  • pet dander
  • pollutants
  • plants
  • chemicals
  • pollen
Even stress and certain diseases can cause allergic symptoms or increase the chances of a flare-up. A family history of allergies and other types of allergic reactions can also be passed on to children and they can be more likely to develop allergies.

How are allergic skin conditions treated?

Treatment will depend on the allergen causing the reaction. This will be determined using special tests. Dr. Hariri uses the Greer pick, a single site allergy test system, to identify skin allergies in children. This system does not require a needle so it’s much less painful. The doctor also uses specific blood testing for food allergies and allergies to dogs/cats. When testing is complete, avoidance is typically the best option. When this can’t be done, symptoms can be managed with topical ointments. In some instances, oral medications can treat symptoms on a systemic level.
Frequently, combining both topical and oral treatments offers the best results. Allergy shots can also be beneficial to children with eczema (it's even been known to cure eczema) as well as children that are dealing with severe symptoms and aren’t responding to the other treatments.


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