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At Beverly Hills Allergy in Beverly Hills, Dr. Hariri performs the exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) breathing test, which can help with the diagnosis and management of allergic asthma. The test measures how much nitric oxide you breathe out, and if you have high levels of it, your airways might be inflamed. If you're experiencing the signs and symptoms of asthma, inquire about the exhaled nitric oxide breathing test at Beverly Hills Allergy.

Exhaled Nitrogen Oxide Q & A

What is the exhaled nitric oxide breathing test?

During the eNO breathing test, Dr. Hariri will ask you to exhale (breathe out) into a mouthpiece. The machine measures the levels of nitric oxide in your exhale.

Why is the eNO breathing test performed?

Asthma can be challenging to diagnose. Doctors consider your medical history, signs and symptoms, the findings of a physical examination, and tests designed to measure lung function. The eNO breathing test is one of them.

The eNO test can help identify inflammation in your airway. Because your body responds to inflammation in the airway by producing an excessive amount of nitric oxide (NO), increased NO is a definite sign of inflammation in the airways.

What should I do to prepare for the eNO breathing test?

Very little preparation is required. You should take special care to avoid eating and drinking in the hour before your test and exercise, tobacco, alcohol, and allergy shots for at least 24 hours beforehand.

What can expect during my appointment?

Your appointment will be brief -- about fifteen minutes including registration -- and painless. You check in at the front desk, update your information if any changes have occurred, and a nurse or aid leads you to a clinic room.

Dr. Hariri hands you a mouthpiece and gives you simple breathing instructions. Measurements are usually taken three times to ensure consistency in your results. The test will last less than five minutes.

When will I get my results?

You receive your results during your appointment as the machine can provide an instant reading. Only a doctor -- such as Dr. Hariri -- can determine whether your results are normal or indicative of inflammation in the airway caused by asthma.

However, some factors may interfere with your eNO levels, including certain medications, illnesses, allergies, and smoking. Dr. Hariri takes that into account while reviewing your test results.

Who can perform the eNO test?

Because asthma is the direct result of allergies in most patients, allergists are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and effective treatment of the disease. Dr. Hariri at Beverly Hills Allergy offers the eNO breathing test, so call or click to book your appointment today.