Is Asthma Worse During the Summer Months?

Is Asthma Worse During the Summer Months?

If you had to guess, would you say asthma is worse during the summer or winter? 

Most people would probably pick winter because the cold, dry air can make it difficult to breathe. This means they think asthma is better during the summer months, which is true … unless it’s not.

The real answer is that some asthma sufferers have fewer symptoms and flare-ups during the summer, while others experience more symptoms than normal, leading to full-on asthma attacks.

Here, Dr. Sherwin Hariri and our team at Beverly Hills Allergy in Beverly Hills and Glendale, California, explain why your asthma can get worse during the summer.

Summer asthma triggers

Summer can bring with it a wave of triggers for your asthma that you didn’t have to deal with during the winter. Here are a few common summertime conditions that can cause asthma flare-ups:

Heat and humidity

Breathing in hot air can cause your airways to tighten and narrow, making breathing more difficult. And while some moisture is good for asthma sufferers, the humidity of summer air can produce too much moisture, making the air heavy and hard to breathe.

Ozone and air pollution

When the temperature is hot and the air is stagnant, the levels of ozone and pollution in the atmosphere can rise to dangerous levels that may irritate your respiratory system, reduce your lung function, and make your asthma symptoms worse.

Allergens and irritants

If you’re allergic to pollen, mold spores, ragweed, and more, these are all present at various times throughout the summer. Inhaling these small particles when you’re outside can cause your asthma symptoms to flare up.

Physical exercise

Because the weather is warmer, most people are outside more and are more physically active, which can trigger asthma symptoms. Breathing heavily during exercise can cause you to breathe in more allergens and irritants as well.

How to manage summer asthma

Staying inside on hot and humid days with the windows closed and a good filter on your air conditioner can help you reduce asthma flare-ups. Check the allergy and asthma forecast, shower frequently to wash off any pollen on your skin, and stay hydrated as well.

You should also stick to your regular asthma medication schedule as directed by your doctor, even if you’re tempted to skip it during some summer days. Following these guidelines will give you the best chance of keeping your asthma under control during the summer.

If you need help managing your asthma this summer, our team at Beverly Hills Allergy would be happy to assess and treat you. Set up an appointment at our office nearest you by phone or book online today. We'll help make this your best summer yet!

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