Emsculpt Neo: The Non-Invasive Treatment That Banishes Fat and Builds Muscle

Emsculpt Neo: The Non-Invasive Treatment That Banishes Fat and Builds Muscle

Do you ever wish you could burn fat and build muscle? Of course you do! But, have you ever dared to dream you could burn fat and build muscle at the same time — without stepping foot into the gym?

This may seem impossible, but thanks to advanced technology now available at Beverly Hills Allergy, in Beverly Hills and Glendale, California, this exact scenario can come true for you. Here’s how.

What is EmSculpt Neo?

If you’ve wanted to lose weight or improve your body shape for any length of time, you’ve likely tried just about every diet and exercise routine available. While you might make some progress, you probably have areas of fat that won’t go away, no matter what you do.

EmSculpt Neo® is a next-generation body contouring device that destroys unwanted fat cells while at the same time tightening your muscles to give you a leaner, slimmer figure. Using the FDA-approved EmSculpt Neo can result in 25% muscle growth and 30% fat reduction.

The device emits both high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) and radio frequency (RF) waves. The RF waves raise the temperature of your muscles in the targeted area. In less than four minutes, the temperature of your subcutaneous fat cells has risen so much it causes apoptosis (a permanent rupture of the fat cells, which are then eliminated from your body over time).

At the same time, the HIFEM energy is stimulating muscle contractions at a higher intensity level than during a normal workout. This extreme stress results in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells.

What should I expect?

EmSculpt Neo is a nonsurgical, quick and painless procedure that requires no anesthesia. Treatments take 20-30 minutes, and there’s no downtime or side effects other than muscle soreness like you might feel after a workout. This isn’t a weight-loss treatment, but the destroyed fat cells will be permanently gone.

Common treatment areas include your abdomen, thighs, arms, calves, and buttocks. You’ll see results in 4-6 weeks after your last treatment — it takes time for the fat cells to leave your body and new muscle fibers to develop. The number of treatments you receive depends on your individual situation, but most people need at least four to get optimal results.

Am I a candidate?

You’re a good candidate for EmSculpt Neo if you’re within 15-20 pounds of your goal weight, you have at least an inch of pinchable subcutaneous fat in the area you want treated, you’re physically healthy, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and have no medical devices in the treatment area.

To find out if this exciting new treatment can work for you, schedule an appointment with Beverly Hills Allergy today by calling our office closest to you or booking online. You’ll have more muscle and less fat soon!

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